This past weekend we had the honor of traveling to Perrysburg, Ohio for Nicole & Bill’s wedding.


They, like many couples, had to change their plans and adjust them to the new reality. Their planning was full of stumbles and challenges, of which they managed to come out with flying colors.


After all the uncertainty and replanning, the day finally arrived!. We were very excited to see them in person after a year and a half. Nicole was part of the bridal party at the wedding of our dear bride Olivia last year. I do not claim to say that the trip and the day was 💫PERFECT.


The place, the people, the weather, the church, the venue, the sky, the food, the way they treated us… 💕Absolutely everything was magical. Nicole & Bill are a wonderful couple. They were exceptional as always!.


For them and for the rest of their family, we were not just another vendor, we were (we are) family and as such they treated us.

They placed a beautiful table for 2 with our names; inside the ballroom with all the guests (you surely saw me sitting with my crazy hair in the stories🤷🏻‍♀️). They made sure we were having a good time there as guests, apart from our work as wedding photographers and videographers, and even made sure we brought enough cookies and cake for our son and mother-in-law.


I could go on telling you every detail, every gesture, every word… ❤ but it would never end.


There was so much love around that I can look back and I want to cry again.  (Yes, again 😢 … that day we were so excited that Fer and I couldn’t hold on).


On the other hand, seeing Olivia & Robert again, seeing all the cultivated affection, trust and love, even from their mother who in the distance was excited to see us together again … that’s priceless.


That day, it changed us from the inside as human beings!  That day marked a new chapter in Nuva.


That day we reaffirmed why we do what we do.


We reaffirmed how essential it is to have clients who value you, who value your effort, your dedication, your time, your work after the wedding day, and everything that implies to provide and deliver a quality experience of the hand of the moments that you were able to immortalize for them.


We reaffirm how vital and meaningful a photograph can be over the years and why you should entrust your memories to the right person.


Your family legacy is priceless.


Photography should not be viewed as a service that is chosen based on who offers the best deal.


Photography is an investment in the future, it is a window into the history of your family and your life.


It is what your children will remember tomorrow.  And what you will remember when yours are gone.


Fer and I thank God for giving us clients who become friends and family, and who value us personally and professionally.


Nicole & Bill, THANK YOU! We love you!.


To you who read us, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.  God bless you.


– Hilary & Fernando 💕🤗