Creating personalized photography and cinematography requires that we understand your personalities, your preferences, your hobbies, and your relationship. To help us get to know you, we need you to create an “inspiration board.”

So what is an Inspiration board?

An Inspiration board is simply an idea or inspiration board on which couples display their favorite images. Couples add images and videos to their inspiration board to visually communicate aspects of their style preferences.

For example, you might love the angle or composition, a specific pose, the type of lighting, the style of post-production or any other component of the photograph or video highlight. Your board allows our entire team, from the photographers and cinematographers all the way to the post producers, album designers, and video editors to get on the same page and clearly understand your preferences.

Inspiration Board vs Shot List

An Inspiration board is NOT a “shot list.”  A “shot list” is a detailed list of must-have shots for the photographer to follow and check off throughout the wedding day.  This type of checklist is discouraged, as it inhibits a photographer’s creativity and focuses his or her attention on duplicating and recreating, rather than innovating and originating.

How to Create a Moodboard for Photography

  1. Create a Pinterest account (or sign into your existing account)
  2. Create a Board called “Wedding Inspiration board” (Be sure to leave it as public)
  3. Visit the Nuva Pinterest,  and “Pin” images that you like, making sure you add a detailed description of why you like the image.  The majority of your images should come from Nuva work.
  4. Add in a few more images that you like from around the web (along with descriptive captions).
  5. Once complete, send the Inspiration board URL to our studio management
  6. After reviewing the inspiration board, we will set up a conference call with you and your photographer to review the inspiration board together and to review the details of the event.

Characteristics of an Ideal Inspiration board

Here are a few characteristics of an ideal Moodboard:

  • It does not have too many images (20-30 is just fine)
  • It is NOT a shot List
  • It has detailed descriptions
  • It includes shots from your wedding venue or similar wedding venues

Moodboard Visual Example

Please see this visual GIF that shows you how to add photos to your cinema Moodboard.

How to Create a  Wedding Videography Inspiration Board

Like a photography Inspiration board, a video inspiration board is also critical to helping us understand your style preferences. To create one, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to our Wedding Videography Board
  2. Find The Videos You Like
  3. Click the red “Save” button
  4. In the description, add in a few notes on what you like about the video
  5. Title the Board “Wedding Video Inspiration Board” or something similar
  6. Email us the URL of the board you created

Please see this visual GIF that shows you how to add videos to your Video Inspiration Board