August 22, 2018 /

Interview: Orlando Bridal Makeup Artist - Malala Glam


Malala Glam Makeup

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company

Malala Glam Makeup LLC is a makeup company that offers services in hair and makeup. BRIDAL SPECIALIST TEAM.


When did you know a career in beauty was for you?

Since I was 14th years old, I always have had passion for beauty.



How do wedding makeup trials work?

Trials are realized at my studio if the bride really need it or request it.


Do you have a bridal salon or do you go on location?

We go on location.


How long should brides allow in their day of schedule for makeup application?

For the bride, 1 hour and 20 min aprox.

For parties or family 45-50 min aprox.


Do you offer makeup services for the bridal party as well?

Yes, bridal parties are always allowed.



Do you offer touchup services throughout the day?

It wont be necessary but depending of the case, day and time, we are able to do it.


Do you offer bridal packages for makeup?

Yes, we do have them, bridal packages are a combination of makeup and hair services.



Do you recommend that the bride provide her own makeup?

No, we provide everything. If the bride wants to use her own foundation or prefers an specific product for the makeup application, it is allowed.


What is most important for brides to remember for their wedding day makeup?

Always clean face and clean hair.

The bride should get a face wash 2 weeks before the event and she must wash her hair the day before too.