August 17, 2018 /

8 Important Questions You Should Ask a Makeup Artist

Before you book a pro for your wedding day beauty, get need-to-know answers to these questions.
by Farah Prince


You’ve found some amazing wedding day makeup inspo and found a few makeup artists you think will help you perfect your bridal look. But before you officially hire one of them, have them answer these questions.

1. Do you have a portfolio of your work I can look at?

Why you want to know: Whether it’s a traditional portfolio or their profile on Instagram, always look through a makeup artist’s past work before hiring them. This will help you get a feel for their skill level and the l

ooks they specialize in. Be wary if they don’t have a portfolio. Because even if you’re just booking a trial, you should still have an idea of what they can do.

2. Do you have a list of references I can call?

Why you want to know: References are important for finding out everything a portfolio can’t tell you, like how they interact with their clients and if they’re punctual, easy to work with and have a positive attitude. Your makeup artist will be with you and your wedding party for hours so you’ll want to know from past clients if the enjoyed working with them.

3. Will you bring your own products or will I be responsible for supplying them?

Why you want to know: If you have specific brands or products you never stray from, or if you have allergies to certain products, using your own may be the best bet. For makeup brushes and other tools, a makeup artist will be using a clean brush of their own unless you specify you want them to use new brushes and tools. If this is the case, communicate it early.

4. How do you charge? By the hour or per person?

Why you want to know: If you have a large wedding party, it’s worth looking into a makeup artist that doesn’t charge per person. Logistics like how they charge, the payment method they prefer and when they expect payment should be discussed early so there are no surprises on the day of your wedding.

5. Will I have to travel to you or can you work on-site?

Why you want to know: Most makeup artists will travel to where you’re getting ready, but you should find out their policy before hiring them. If they won’t work on-site, budget enough time in your schedule to allow for travel time in addition to the time it will take for everyone’s makeup.


6. Will you do a trial before my wedding?

Why you want to know: A trial will give you the opportunity to communicate exactly what type of makeup look you want for your wedding day. You’ll get to see firsthand how your makeup artist works and you’ll have an estimate of how long your look will take—an important factor for scheduling on your wedding day.

7. Do you have a team of assistants or will you be the only artist that day?

Why you want to know: Depending on how big your wedding party is, you may need a makeup artist that works with one or more assistants. An artist that has a team can focus on you as the priority and have their assistants work on the rest of your party, minimizing the time it will take for everyone to get ready.

8. What will happen if you’re sick or have an emergency on my wedding day?

Why you want to know: Emergencies happen all the time, but does your makeup artist have a set plan in place if they’re unable to make it on your wedding day? They might have another artist that will replace them or assistants that can take over their duties for the day. Also ask if they will give you a refund in the event they have to cancel.

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